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Drilling machine

XTC001  Taladradora Ř 3/4 a 1 
XTC002  Taladradora Ř 3/4 a 2 
XTCE01 Espátula 

Manual driller to bore tubes of PVC, cast iron or fibre cement, to connect water diversions by means of clamps used for filled tubes. Suitable up to PN16.
The machine is easy to handle and convenient to transport, thanks to its reduced size and weight.
It can have a lateral feeding point with 1/4“ nut so as to connect a pressure indicator to check the internal tube pressure or to insert some mechanism required by the installation (valve, drainage valve, etc.).
The drill allows bits of up to 8 mm diameter without modifying the drill bit, once the machine is ready to use. The bit works by a spring which is activated when the machine has been put in the tapping saddle.
Equipped with bits of tungsten carbon steel and adaptors for bits from 3/4“ up to 2“ and one smoother.

Instructions for use:
  • Assemble the saddle on the tube and remove the protecting tap. Then fasten the driller on the saddle with the adequate bit.
  • Lower the lever (A) until the drill bit makes contact with the tube. Then press this lever (B) clockwise, preventing the bit from moveing backwards.
  • This operation enables to reach the maximum spring pressure and the highest capacity.
  • Once steps of the previous paragraph have been taken, rotate the axis (C) manually, applying a hexagonal key of 8 mm orusing an electrical drill.
  • Turn this axis unitl perceving there is no more resistance in the spring.
  • In tubes thicker than 8 mm, readjust the lever (A) to maintain the spring pressure of the bit advance.
  • Once all the previous steps have been taken, slacken the lever (B) smoothly and pull the lever (A). If water flight is detected by the axis, tighten the lever again (B). At this moment, place the plugging clamp smoother and remove the machine to install the derivation.
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