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AC1001  400 x 400  aluminio  52 
ACPG2350  250 x 350  PRFV.  35 
ACPG3450  300 x 450  PRFV.  42 
ACPF5060  500 x 600  chapa  91 
ACPG3450CP  300 x 450  PRFV.  61 
ACPGA3450CP*  300 x 450  PRFV.  61 
ACPG2350CP  250 x 350  PRFV.  48 
ACPG2350ACP* 250 x 350  PRFV.  48 

Dimensions in millimetres.
*Total insulation in cover.
Technical Features:
  • Constructed with fibreglass-reinforced and concrete offering it a strong mechanic and impact resistance.
  • Various models with different door sizes and made from various materials: Aluminium door on galvanised sheet frame. Two models with fibreglass reinforced polyester doors with galvanised steel plate frame and epoxy resin coating.
  • In all the models, the lock system is operated by a stainless steel bolt actuated by an allen or triangular-head shaft; other types of locks may also be considered.
  • In models with polyester doors, moulded polystyrene slabs may be incorporated as thermal insulation, providing either partial protection to just the door, or full protection.
  • The fully opened base allows for the placing of inlet and outlet tubes connected to the meter or other mechanisms. Besides, some holes (slightly offset and easily penetrated) have been provided on the back wall for mounting at other grades.
It is possible, upon request, to deliver meter boxes with inner equipment to suit the different types of meters, and which also meet the standard requirements of each water works.
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