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Floating valve

PN 10 PN 16 DN ěD
YF30050    50  400 
YF30060    60  400 
YF30080    80  400 
YF30100    100  400 
YF30125    125  500 
YF30150    150  500 
YF30200  YF30206  200  500 
YF30250 YF30256  250  500 

Dimensions in mm.
B': total length of the lever.

The function of floating valve in the water tank is to regulate the level of the water within the tank. The valve reduces the volume of water as the level is going down and closes the water entrance when it reaches the desired maximum level. Therefore, it allows the water to enter when the level of the tank is going down due to water consumption.


The valve is usually placed at the high part of the tank. The most advisable is to use a spool pipe of the same diameter as the valve.
Before the assembly of the valve it is recommended to make sure the pipe is clean of stones and sand. It is highly recommended to install a filter to avoid the intrusion of stones or sand.
Depending on the inclination of the pipe it is advisable to place a closing valve to isolate the set.
When the inlet pressure is higher than 1 bar (10 mca) it is necessary to install a cushioning tube in order to reduce the abrupt movements on the surface of the water.

Calculation of the DN:

The table shows the liters per second to calculate the diameter of the valve to install. When the valve has a DN superior to 250, the immediate inferior diameter can be adapted.

DN 50 60/65 80 100 125 150 200 250
Flow (l/s) 3 4 7,5 12 18,5 26,5 47 74

Technical Features:
  • Body of grey iron.
  • Steering handle of galvanized iron.
  • Ball of PVC ( Inflated pressure 0.15 bar to 20º).
  • Epoxy coated min. thickness 200 microns.
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